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Hi and welcome to This site is  your go-to destination for some of the most beautiful voices in today’s music scene. was created by Pastor Etel Tulloch, a native of the Caribbean Island of Jamaica. Since the 1980s his writing skills has produced songs in different genres.

He writes lyrics and have musicians arrange them into great songs. He then take them to another level by recording them. His first album titled “GodSpeed ” was recorded in New York 2003. Although he is a prolific writer,  Pastor Tulloch also add other cover songs to this album. Godspeed  features various genres such as R&B, Reggae and Soca. Because of this variety, this album has the ability and is capable of touching  many lives.

Pastor Tulloch shares his talent as a producer  and executive producer on other productions.  He has partnered with other producers, composers, musical arrangers, ( e.g. keyboard players  producers/arrangers and songwriters such as Minster Laurence Lewis out of New York and Phillip Henry who now resides in Las Vegas) to make great music.

He has spent hundreds of dedicated hours  to music and helping other musicians to become successful. Even though he enjoys being a writer, he finds even more joy in helping others become great vocalists. Today, he’s helping to manage the beautiful, voices of Lloyd Henry (a.k.a Brother Danny), Frankie Chue, Vivia Richards, Emmon, Michael Kirby, Melissa Santos, Sonia Ellis, Kim Jalim and Jerry Elock. was created out of a true passion for music and the mission of the company is to use that passion to grow to even bigger, better and higher heights.